About Us

MAID ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, a family-owned local business, was started early in 1990.  We have both staff and customers who have been with us from the start!


  • HAPPY CLEANERS CREATE HAPPY CUSTOMERS.    People who find cleaning therapeutic and feel a contentment in an order to their surroundings, are the individuals we look for in hiring at Maid Especially For You.
  •  TREATING STAFF RIGHT TRICKLES DOWN TO THE CUSTOMER.   We do not underpay or overwork our staff.  We respect our staff and our customers by assigning our jobs by size and pricing them by time spent.
  •  QUALITY CAN BE LOST BY LARGE TEAMS,  Rare is the job that requires more than a team of two.   The more communication required between Cleaners can result in the greater chance that areas of cleaning get missed.
  •  SECURITY FOR OUR CUSTOMERS IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE.  Beyond company insurance, customers have the peace of mind of knowing by name the individuals who are cleaning their home.
  •  PAY SHOULD REFLECT THE WORK.  Many competitors stretch pay to their Cleaners across large teams creating unhappy people in service to your home.  We believe in the most basic premise…money motivates people!
  •  OVERBOOKING REDUCES RELIABILITY. Since we pair Cleaner and customer, the business is aware of the time that it takes to clean a customer’s home.  This permit accurate scheduling so that you will know when and at what time your Cleaner will be in your home.

In summary, a small team or individual assigned to your home has many dividends; it improves quality, security and communication to the customer, it improves pay and provides consistent schedule for the Cleaner.


  • Complete sanitation of bathrooms
  • Cleaning of cupboard fronts, countertops and all appliances
  • Dusting all furniture, shelving and railings
  • Scrubbing all hard surface floors
  • Polishing mirrors and all shiny surfaces
  • Cleaning of reachable light fixtures
  • Patio windows
  • Vacuuming carpeted areas

This is a basic package that can be specifically tailored to an individual customers needs. We can add anything to this list of activities at every visit or perform additional periodic cleaning. Customers may request this on an every other week, every three week or on a monthly basis. Cleaning packages include all cleaning products, insurance and the quality inspection of our Cleaners.

Additional Services

  • Spring/Fall Cleaning
  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning – Rentals/Relocation’s
  • “On Call” Cleaning – Cleaning performed in time for special occasions
  • Commercial Cleaning – Offices, Remolding, New Construction


Refer a friend, neighbor or colleague to Maid Especially for You. Those who sign on with us on a continuous basis will result in a FREE CLEANING for yourself as a thank you from Maid Especially for You.